…I am the teacher…I am the student…I am the experience!…

 Traveling Yogi

Naomi Karina Lobo

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* Arhanta Yoga Ashram & centers (200 +300) http://www.arhantayoga.nl/ 

* Arhanta Yin Yoga (50 uur Ashram)
* Arhanta Ashtanga Yoga (David Swenson-50 uur  Ashram)
* Arhanta Yoga Nidra (50)
* Arhanta Ayurveda (50)

* Arhanta Meditatie (50)
* Arhanta Vinyasa Yoga (50)

* Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 (David Keil)

* Yoga Moves Advance your yoga (300)
* Aalo Power Yoga I,II & III (150)
* Aalo Yin Yoga I & II (100)
* Yoga Moves Vinyasa Krama by Hilary Brown (15)

* Mandala of asanas by Coral Brown (50)
* Holistische Kinderyoga Arterre Opleidingen (85)

My name is Naomi Karina Lobo (E-RYT-500/YACEP) My goal is to bring each back to what we really are. Strength, balanced within the stillness of the observer.

Yoga is a transforming proces. This simple fact happened to me during my 30 years of exploring the yogic path. Each who is willing to discover what a beautiful impact yoga wil give to your mind and body. We all have our ups and downs in life. Yoga can show you  the way you perceive yourself and others. The way to let go of resistent so we can enjoy our life to the fullest and to receive what has been given.
Yoga is more than only the physical part….it is a lifestyle who interlace philosophy with physical movements and it’s practical reality..so one can grow with depth to a beautiful being of light.…
—*Follow your heart & use the instruments the Universe provided you with*—


* PrivateYoga/Meditatie (on location)

*TTC 50 hours and 200 hours

* Yoga with live muziek (sounds)

* Power Yoga

* Ashtanga yoga

* Yin Yoga

* Yoga Nidra

* Restorative Yoga

*Vinyassa Yoga

* Hatha Yoga

* Kids Yoga

* Meditation

* (Sound) Healing massages (Reiki)

$100 a hour (excl)


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